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New Mexico Travertine :: Amaretto Brown Gravel
New Mexico Travertine :: Amaretto Brown Gravel Amaretto 38 to 58


Shades of grey, blue and red gravel is a beautiful material for natural pathways and patios and garden landscape areas. A beautiful range of grey and blue colors earth tones. An excellent decorating material for pottery planters, paths and small areas to enhance your landscape and garden.

Crushed Gravel

  • up to 3/8” crushed gravel – Crusher Fines
  • 3/8” to 1″ crushed gravel
  • 1” to 2” crushed gravel
  • 2″ to 4” crushed gravel

Crusher Fines are less than 3/8″ in size. This product is ideal for walkways because over time it will create a cementitious matrix ideal that resists washout.



All of our gravel materials are free of dirt, clay and weed seeds. They are fractured on 6 sides allowing them to be packed and stay packed. This also prohibits weed growth, wind blowout and water washout.